About us

Vietnam Catering was established in 2014. With more than 8 years of operations, we have a lot of experience in party organization and providing meals to consumers. Not only for delicious food but we also care about food safety. In order, we know that your health is our success and the issue of food safety is the top concern in the present day. We always update the new style and form parties from a foreign country for the customer to choose. Besides that, food is updated regularly according to the newest trending. From Vietnamese to European, Asian dishes are also cooked perfectly by chefs at VNC.

 VNC provides services such as:

Now VNC is supplying events catering and meals to meet the need’s customers. Guaranteed with the motto of prestige, and quality, our services will make you completely satisfied. Our services include:

- Organize wedding packages in the halls, private houses, outdoors...

- Serving buffet (Buffet) receptions, conferences, seminars... at agencies

- Serving small parties at home.

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