Workshop for repairing and maintaining steam turbines and gas turbines

Turbo Workshop The New Technology Centre in Vietnam has been proposed with the fact and review of the country which has some of the leading units in steel, power, automobile, ship building & repair and textile. Further a number of transformational industrial projects in manufacturing sector are proposed and the NLHS Group will facilitate and support the existing and new units coming up across this region.

The NLHS Group at Vietnam will play an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of the industrial & manufacturing Units in the area. NLHS Group will focus on providing access to state of the art technology, providing skill up-gradation and offering advocacy support to the sector with high growth potential. The long-term vision is to ensure competitiveness of the Industrial & manufacturing sectors in the eco-system by strengthening their linkages to the Turbo Workshop in the country.

The objective of this proposed Turbo Workshop new Technology Center in Vietnam is to cater to all of the south Asians countries turbo needs. After assessment of the market in the region, technology & skillset requirement, amount of investment required, construction needed, its layout and subsequent requirements is ideal for implementation of the green field NLHS Group in Vietnam. This offer has been prepared in consultation with relevant stakeholders and also considering the Government policies, World Bank data, OEMs, Tier I & II suppliers, industry association, Government Institutes and some ancillary units.

This proposal will facilitate the implementation of proposed Turbo Workshop new Technology Center In Vietnam. Technical Summary Discussions with various stakeholders were carried out to develop better understanding of the setup requirements and expectations from the proposed NLHS Group We plan to implement the state of the art workshop, this offer covers the following possible services for turbines as big as 700 = 800 MW.

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