Vietnam Catering is an independent catering company with over 8 years’ experience in delivering high quality catering services to staff canteen and school canteen meals.
Vietnam Catering strive for canteen service, contract catering and offer professional hospitality management and consulting service and solutions. Vietnam Catering will work close with the management throughout all steps of setting up and developing the cafeteria project, canteen project and manage daily operation of the cafeteria & canteen.
Over the years we have learned that, to keep our clients happy, we need to look after our own employees. Our management teams are actively supported in their day-to-day business we invest heavily in training, personal development and educational program to ensure that our employees are given both the support and opportunity as they grow with the company.
Vietnam catering's Mission Statement is based on what we see as our responsibility to our customers and our employees. We believe we can really make a difference to people's lives and would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you further.
Please call us: (84-8) 35106 257 or 0983 893690, or email us at
Vietnam Catering is so excited to be selected for providing canteen service for one of Vietnam's leading cement factories. This is fantastic news of the
success of our business and we are proud on behalf of all Vietnam Catering team. We have a commitment to deliver a high quality service and carry out
with high health and safety standard.

Our catering service are appreciate punctuality and nutritious food with great taste that is prepared in the most hygienic environment.
We can offer these canteen services in any part of the city with assurance of quality and economy. We are confident our procurement
process and skilled staff will provide you and your staff with high-quality meals at your work place, while exceeding your expectations
and lowering cost to satisfy your operating budget.
- Welcome to our "Student Food Court" program! Beginning this school year, 2015-2016, Vietnam Catering is delighted to inform you the grand
opening of our Food Court in one of the famous International University in HCMC
- It has been proven that students need good nutrition to feed their minds and bodies, which enables them to learn while in school. Our goal is
to provide high quality, safe, and healthy meals to every student while providing the best customer service possible.
We realize how important it is for the University to be proud to show to the students, teachers, parents and staff of the International University
the food court facilities.
- At the food court we try to make those the thing that food are fresh, like fruit or vegetables, prepackage sandwiches, "grilled while you wait"
catches student's eyes. So make sure that they are colorful and presentable.
- Student canteen environment play an important role in encourage student to get lunch. If we provide healthy food but don't give them time,
eating place or just provide them with regular eating meal tray.....and our Student Food Court program is to meet eating habit, key nutrition
requirement while providing student with food they want to eat.
- The menus are based on weekly providing a balance of healthy hot and cold items including of fresh fruit and vegetable. When we are considering
adding new items to the menu, we provide samples for students and request their feedback. We also pay close attention to the menu items that are
most popular with students versus those that produce a lot of waste. We are continually changing the menu to meet the needs of our students.
⇒ Canteen area and our foood court counter
⇒ Most of student enjoy our products at Food Court "Healthy students are better learn"
⇒ Our main cashier counter, each student can use his/her own student card which they can simply swipe in exchange for food & drinks
- We will make school meals are fresh, etc., salad bar are effective in getting more students to eat lunch at school.
- Food safety & hygiene would be the number one priority in our task as canteen service provider.
- As a partner of education, we will provide outstanding service to our student, and community member by offering healthy quality meals
with a smile, and contribute to the students overall academic experience.
- Pricing strategies with competitive pricing, every school wants it and Vietnam Catering provides it!
You are welcome to call us and have a chat as we are happy to provide or work with your new schools or parent looking looking for School Canteen Service
AM & PM snack being served to each class.
Vietnam Catering designs a conception for daily and weekly "Fruity Break". Most of clients are office staffs enjoy and happy with this kind of service.

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